Installing Wood Props from Heathen's Breakable collection

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Import the PhysKit Complete asset first, this is a dependency and provides the logic for breaking the assets and the assets are stored as a "sample" of it.

  1. Open the Package Manager

  2. Click the "+" (plus) button located in the upper left of the window

  3. Enter the URL below and press add.

GitHub will prompt you to login if you haven't already, this is how it checks to make sure your a sponsor and have access to the repo. Once done it will install PhysKit and any required dependencies.


Breakable Wood Props is exposed in the Package Manager under the samples for PhysKit Complete. This is because the breakable feature used in the prefabs is part of PhysKit Complete.

To install it simply install PhysKit Complete from Package Manager as described in its installation page, then expand the Samples drop down and import the "Breakable Wood Props".

This will import the props and the configured prefabs which will be using the default Unity material.

We do this so that the kit is compatible with all rendering pipelines, you can download and install the materials you like from the following links.


The models and prefabs will be imported into your project using the Unity Default Material (white/grey mat); The following links can be used to download free materials as seen in the promotional images.

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