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using RemotePlay = HeathenEngineering.SteamworksIntegration.API.RemotePlay.Client;
public static class RemotePlay.Client

What can it do?

Functions that provide information about Steam Remote Play sessions, streaming your game content to another computer or to a Steam Link app or hardware.


Session Connected

Called when a session connects

Session Disconnected

Called when a session disconnects

How To

Get Session Counts

Get the number of currently connected sessions
var count = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessionCounts();

Get Sessions

Get the collection of current remote play sessions
var sessions = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessions();

Get Session User

Gets the user data of the connected session user
var user = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessionUser(session);

Get Session Client Name

Gets the name of the session client device
var name = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessionClientName(session);

Get Session Client Formfactor

Gets the formfactor of the connected session
var formfactor = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessionClientFormFactor(session);

Get Session Client Resolution

Get the resolution of the connected session
var resolution = API.RemotePlay.Client.GetSessionClientResolution(session);

Send Invite

Invite a friend to join the game using remote play together
Debug.Log("Send failed");