Installing Heathen Engineering's Steamworks and related componenets.

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How you install depends on how you chose to license Heathen's Steamworks.

Free users and Sponsors

Heathen offers a free, open source lite version of our Steamworks assets called Steamworks Foundation. Foundation is housed on GitHub and can be installed via the Unity Package Manager. Similarly GitHub sponsors have directly access to our Source Repository and so can also install via Unity Package Manager.

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Sponsoring Heathen on GitHub for $10 a month gets you access to the source repository for Steamworks, PhysKit and UX Complete.
See why GitHub sponsor is the hands down best way to Do More with Heathen in our Licensing Article.

Unity Asset Store

If you purchased on the Unity Asset Store you will use it to import. At the time of this writing that is done through the Unity Package Manager but does import as a lose asset.