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Creating assets based on System Core

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So you want to use System Core as a dependency for your assets? That's great!

Yes the MIT license with its common clause does allow you to create assets that are dependent on System Core. The common clause simply aims to prevent people from copying or deriving from System Core code to release a competitor to System Core paid or otherwise.

If you would like to make a better System Core to compete with us โ€ฆ again that is great, competition makes the world go round! But you need to start from your own code not ours.

This article will help you get started, there isn't much to cover but what there is; is important to know!


System Core should only ever be installed via Package Manager! You can check rather System Core is installed and what version is installed using the Package Manager namespace in Unity.

To learn more, read this article.

Conditional Compile

System Core creates a script define HE_SYSCORE when it is installed properly. You can use this script define to drive conditional compilation for example.

    //System Core is installed and available
    //System Core is not installed, maybe you should ask them to install it?

Derived System Core

So you really want to make your own flavour of System Core. No problem, while you cant publish it to complete with System Core proper you can certainly fork and make your own for your own use.

Keep in mind that other assets may be checking for specifically one of Heathen's versions via the Package Manager. An alternative to creating your own version of System Core is to extend System Core.

System Core Extension

The best method for adding your own spin to things.

This works out better because:

  • Other assets dependent on specific versions of System Core wont have issue with your extension like they would with a derivative.

  • Since its an extension you can publish it however you like including for sale ... in fact we encourage that :)

This is simply creating your own asset that is dependent on System Core and extends its classes, interfaces, etc.

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