Drop Container

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Part of the Drag and Drop System of the UX Complete asset

A place to drop your drag items. You can use this component to define drop rules restricting the types of Drop Items that can be accepted by this container.

The intended use is that you place this on a Unity Engine UI object e.g. a RectTransform that acts as a slot or drop point for whatever your drag items are.


Filter Types & Mask Mode

Drop Containers and Drag Items can specify "types" on them. These types are simply Scriptable Objects that work much like tags. Depending on the Mask Mode you choose to apply you can cause a Drop Container to accept or reject specific items.

For example you can insure that a user cant equip a helmet to its feet but that both boots and helmits can be in bag slots. Working examples of complex situations such as inventory to equipment slots, speel book to action bar and more are shown in the example scenes.


Fields and Attributes




true if the container is occupied


the item contained if any


What should this container do when an item is dropped and accepted e.g. Take or Clone



Will this container reject incoming items if its already occupied


What filtering rules should be used if any



The mask values to be used e.g. items will be tested to see if they contain required types or do not contain excluded types, etc.

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