Scenes Manager


Part of the Scenes Tools of the UX Complete asset

This componenet simply exposes events and features present on the API.Scenes interface to the Unity Inspector for ease of use. This componenet can be used to drive progress bars and other elements that need to respond to scene processing events.

You can use as many Scenes Manager componenets as you like in as many scenes as you like, all funcitonality and data is actually stored in the API.Scenes interface and is not impacted by the existance or lack of existances of a Scenes Manager object.



All events are available as Unity Events and Heathen Game Events


Occurs when a scenes operation starts, this may be a load, unload or both


Occurs each frame a scene operation updates


Occurs when a scenes operation completes


All funcitons listed here are available on this componenet but are actually executed on the API.Scenes interface, these are listed on this object for ease of use with Unity Inspector and tools such as Bolt.

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