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UX Complete and the extension package uGUI Extras are both standard Unity assets that do not require any special installation steps. Simply import the assets and your done.

GitHub Sponsors

If your a GitHub sponsor you have access to the source repository which you can install from directly in Unity via the Package Manager.

  1. Open the Package Manager

  2. Click the "+" (plus) button located in the upper left of the window

  3. Enter the URL below and press add.

GitHub will prompt you to login if you haven't already, this is how it checks to make sure your a sponsor and have access to the repo. Once done it will install UX and any required dependencies.

Unity Asset Store

If you purchased through the Unity Asset Store simply import through Unity's normal method.

Once imported the asset will check for dependencies and if missing it will install them via the Package Manager.

New Input System

UX and all related assets DO work with both the old and new input systems.

In recent updates Unity has changed the process for enabling the "New" input system such that toggling the Player Settings to use the "New" input system does NOT install the input system package.

You must install the Input Package system from the Package Manager your self to get it to work. Our asset is coded to use either the new or the old depending on which is installed. If you set the Project Settings to use the "New" input system without installing it from the Package Manager then you will get compiler errors.


Having issues with Package Manager install or Git install?

Read our Pacakge Manager Install article to get it fixed

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