uGUI Extras

A collection of Unity GUI based UX extras from Heathen Engineering.

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Standalone Asset, check it out on the Unity Asset Store

uGUI Extras is a collection of extensions, tools and systems built specificly for Unity's uGUI framework. These tools can help you deliver a richer user experience with your projects UI and fills the gaps between Unity's built in controls and projects needs.

uGUI Extras is a standalone product that builds on top of Heathen's System Core. No additional purchas or installation is required.


Lets you create keyboards, pin pads, alien computer consoles or really any collection of "keys" as a simple Unity UI object.

Simplifies the creation of tree view controlls and makes it easy to manage tree views by expressing the data of the collection as GameObjects in your scene hierarchy.

Lets you define character combinations and the result character enabling Key Collection inputs for Korean, Japanese and other ligature based character sets as well as common use extended characters such as translating ( c ) to ยฉ

Scroll Rect Helper

Extends Unityโ€™s uGUI ScrollRect features enabling you to scroll to a specific item on demand and page navigate (scroll the width or height of the view)


There are no special considerations when installing UX V2's uGUI Extras. Simply import from the Unity Package Manager and enjoy.

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