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Support us as a GitHub Sponsor and get instant access to all our assets, exclusive tools, and assets, escalated support and issue tracking, and our gratitude. These articles are made possible by our GitHub Sponsors ... become a sponsor today!


You have 3 ways to license Heathen's assets and content described in detail in each section below. In general, the best way to license Heathen's Steamworks, PhysKit, and UX is to become a GitHub Sponsor.

GitHub Sponsor

For small teams and indies, this is the best method for you and Heathen.

You can cancel your subscription at any time and keep using the assets you installed. Our license does not expire when you cancel your subscription. Canceling your subscription only removes your ability to access the Source Repository so if later you want or need updates you can simply sub for another month at your leisure.

Sponsors starting at the $10 a month tier gain access to our Source Repository.

How is it Better?

  • Lower price point Even if you maintain your $15 sponsorship indefinitely we would have to go 2 years with zero (0) major updates and zero (0) new assets for the Unity Asset Store's perpetual license to even break even (as good of a price, not better). Even then you wouldn't get the exclusives, instant updates, or improved support.

  • Better support As a $15 or greater sponsor you have access to our issue tracking and feedback tools within GitHub as well as priority attention. Any requests or issues you post will get seen first and sorted first as you're accessing our source directly.

  • Faster updates As you are reading from the source there is no delay at all between us fixing a problem or making an update or addition and you having access to it.

  • First Access and Exclusives Some of our tools like uGUI Tools for Steam are exclusive to GitHub Sponsors as they don't fit well on Unity Asset Store. Other tools like Breakable Wood Props do make it to Unity Asset Store later and often in some reduced capacity due to the Asset Store's limitations.

  • Managed dependencies: (major failing the of Asset Store) On GitHub, we distribute through Package Manager, which means we can define dependencies and have them resolved and installed for you.

  • More flexible license: (a major failing of the Asset Store) Our license is designed to be friendly to Indies and is yours to keep even if you cancel your sub. Did you hire a contractor? With our license that is no problem your license extends to them while they work for you With Unity Asset Store license that contractor must also license the assets you use.

  • Gain instant access to all our tools Discover more ways to Do More with Heathen. UX for example can improve and benefit just about any project. You probably didn't know we had it, if you did you probably weren't sure how it could help in your project but now it's there, part of the sponsorship, take a look and see how you can do more!

What's Included?

Eventually everything except (maybe) our large art assets โ€ฆ and if we can find a way to ship them on GitHub Sponsor we will. Even GitHub has its limitations and large single files are one of them.

At current the following are present

  • Steamworks Complete

  • uGUI Tools for Steam (exclusive)

  • PhysKit Complete

  • Breakables Wood Props

  • UX Complete

  • uGUI Extras (On Screen Keyboard ... and more)

The License

When you sponsor you gain the license documented here, and when you end your subscription you still have whatever you downloaded, and yes the license to go with it. You can re-sub when you need to catch up on updates or get that sweet sweet priority support โ€ฆ or maybe you just want to show your support for Heathen.

Bespoke License

For larger teams, studios, or situations where the standard license just won't work for you Heathen can create a custom licensing solution, support terms, contracting, and or consulting to meet your needs.

In all cases Bespoke means โ€ฆ well bespoke that is custom โ€ฆ so to get started with this you first need to reach out to us either over Discord, Email or check out our main site for more details.

Unity Asset Store

We are not leaving the Unity Asset Store. While the Unity Asset Store license, promotional terms, distribution model, and structural limitations are problematic. Some users prefer the Unity Asset Store and that is completely fine.

The classic approach. Unity Asset Store is a solid, tried, and true option, you probably already know about it, and this is how you probably learned about Heathen.

While we think of the Asset Store as less than ideal for a great many reasons we will continue to support it so long it's a viable option to deliver a quality product.

Asset updates on the Unity Asset Store are necessarily slower and have some limitations on what we can offer in terms of services, promotions, etc. The installation method is a bit โ€ฆ okay โ€ฆ a lot more error-prone as it still uses .unitypackage even though it has you download those through the Package Manager. .. hopefully, that will change soon (hurry up Unity)

As far as the licensing terms, refunds, etc. we can't do anything there it's all 100% Unity Technology. When it comes to the Unity Asset Store we are a blind vendor, we get a cut of sales but won't even be aware you exist unless you find us to start a conversation.

We of course offer support through our community channel on Discord and we do release updates monthly to the Store so this isn't a bad option it's just a bit antiquated and limiting for you and us alike and has limited or in most cases no flexibility at all so no we can't offer you a discount, we can't let you know what's going on sale or when and we cannot offer custom licensing terms.


We are often asked when our assets will be included in sales or if they will โ€ฆ few things on that.

  1. Unity is a black box, we do not know what will be invited, when, or for what percentage until the last moments.

  2. We couldn't say even when we do know; Unity wants us to be a black box too!

  3. Unity is supper stingy with who it invites to promotions. Unlike any other store digital or physical Unity restricts its 4 major yearly sales to only the top couple hundred assets. In a store with more than 70 thousand assets this means most won't be invited โ€ฆ EVER

Want to see better Sales on the Unity Asset Store?

Want to see more assets on sale during major/general sales? (New Year, Spring, Summer, Winter) Contact Unity Support and tell them you want more open sales with more assets invited to the sales.

If we could we would do as; โ€ฆ well the rest of the world does โ€ฆ and run promotions on the 4 major periods (New Year, Spring, Summer and Winter). Sadly Unity doesn't give us any means to do so, if we simply adjust our price as a sort of "manual promo" then we become ineligible for any official promotions so we can't do that.

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