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Heathen Lore is where we share our research and collections into cultural, historical and generally public domain lore making it freely available to all creators who might have a use for it.

Our first focus will be on pre-Christian (~12,500 BCE to ~500 CE) Irish lore and mythology from folk and fairy tails through historical events, mythology and indigenous religion.

Why that period?

This is a special topic to us โ€ฆ you know โ€ฆ being an Irish company and all. This is also a topic that is sadly lacking in resources. Its hard for a story teller to do the same sort of deep research into Irish traditions as one can with Nordic, Slavic, Greek, etc. due simply to the absolute lack of materials and what is present, is well intended we are sure, but of questionable quality for story tellers and other creatives.

What This Is?

This is not an academic or scholarly resource its a resource for creatives such as writers, game designers, visual artists and really anyone that wants know more behind the lore of these topics.

While we will of course check, cross reference and clearly annotate our sources similar to academic articles these pages will be structured much more like a Dungeons and Dragons dungeon masters guide or Warhammer player manual than any research paper you have read.

Why Is This?

We love good stories, history, lore and culture and wants to insure creators have the tools to hand to create great works inspired by the great stories from our shared history. Thankfully many such stories, ideas and characters are already masterfully preserved and well available; however some such as those from pre-Christian Ireland are sadly lacking and little known.

In response Heathen will invest its time, money and energy into gathering what is available, researching, reconstructing and developing what we are capable of, and most importantly making it all available publicly and encouraging creators to exploit what we have and maybe contribute where they can.

At the end of the day creators, storytellers and world builders having more tools to "Do More" is really the point.

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