God of inspiration and strength

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When Ogma speaks men listen and are inspired to follow him happily. Associated with eloquence and literature as well as strength and power Ogma is the personification of inspiration. While Ogma can inspire one to willingly follow he may also bind men to him controlling their actions and can create binding tablets. Among his many trades Ogma is also a guide for the dead providing safe passage to the underworld.


Ogma's name is ancient and varied slightly over the ages. In general it is believed to mean "The Impressive One" and convey his role as a leader and source of inspiration.


Cermait, The Honey-mouthed



The dark hair of an older man receding or thinning


Bright and smiling, dark brown eyes wizened with age


Dark skinned and the skin of an older man


A strong and well built older man


Primitive in style, wearing animal skins and carrying a bow and club


Depicted as smiling with thin chains of precious metal extending from his tongue to the ears of smiling people following him. The chains a reference to his way with words

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