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Personal Notes

This one ... or 3 ... is younger than Dagda and in a few places is noted as the wife of grandchildren or Dagda or further younger than the generation of Dagda.


A triple goddess and often as a personification for the island it self.

It is a struggle to understand the overall function of this character beyond a general since of it being very important perhaps central in some ages.

ร‰rui One part of the entity is the source of the modern name for the island Ireland. The name is a word litterally translated as "plenty" or "abundent" and rooted in proto-European being a common root of most if not all European languages.

Fรณdla Hardly mentioned as a figure of its own but often sited in poems to refer to the island or its people or its leadership.

Banba Noted frequently but never really discussed and the etymology like with Fรณdla is either highly generic or out right missing. This name may be associated with spirt or otherwise death. We know death was an important concept for proto-clitic culture with many gods have an association with it.

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