Clergy literally translates as "Oak knower"

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Druids are the wise people who dedicated there life to the pursuit and use of knowledge. Any may submit to study to become a druid but the path is not trivial. All information must be memorized with nothing of note committed to writing. Many will go of there own accord or be sent by family to study with the Druids, few would carry this on and become a Druid.


A Druid is simply a learned person and could fill many roles including, healer, historian, architect, judge, poet (primary way to convey important cultural information), religious leader or teacher or any other role requiring learned persons.

Becoming a Druid

To become a druid one must memorize the rights and rituals of the Druid. This process can take decades of study if the applicate is able to at all. Anyone however may study with the Druid and may seek to become a Druid regardless of station, gender or pedigree.

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