Elderberry Wine

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Personal Note

Never had a wine made from elderberry not sure if it would work out. I have however had elderberry mead which is absolutely wonderful stuff. Its unlikely this was a "wine" as in made from grapes since grapes didn't grow here and would have had to been imported. The area was wealthy and dealt in a lot of trade so that is possible. More likely is that "mead" made from honey was more common and if "wine" made from grape was present that it was less common.

Need to do some research to see

A) Was elderberry wine actually made and associated with Samhain at all

B) If it was ... is this elderberry "wine" as in made only from grape flavoured with the berry or is it elderberry mead being honey mead flavoured with elderberry ... its also possible that this was done with elderflower and berry as a sort of beer which is also a thing we do today and is tasty.

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