If you have grapes in it ... it is NOT mead

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An important drink throughout human history mead is made from the fermentation of honey (not grapes). It was prevalent everywhere humans had access to honey which is most places one could find humans. Proper mead not made with grape wine is still prevent in many places today however in Ireland today I am not aware of any true meadery all examples are honey flavoured grape wine.

Personal Notes

Mead is a wine like beverage made by the fermentation of honey. It does not have grape wine in it ... if your drinking a wine flavoured with honey some might call it mead ... it is not. That is fermented grape wine that has been flavoured with honey that may or may not its self have been introduced during fermentation.

Mead can be flavoured its self using various berries, herbs, etc. ... Irish however cannot grow grapes and they do not ship well by ancient standards ... so short of importing grape wine from trade with Rome in the late bronze age there was no grape based wine manufactured in Ireland.

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