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Irish Folklore as its commonly thought of today is a modern invention arising in the dark ages, largely to supplant the indigenous lore. This codex entry is focused on the folklore of Ireland as it was known in the golden age of the island (~2,300 BCE to ~800 BCE) around the bronze age. We have and continue to research the topic of late stone age and early bronze age Ireland. Our goal being to uncover and document the indigenous folklore of the island as it would have been known by its people at its hight. A lore that is so inspiring and fundamental that 1,500 years of active and deliberate effort has not been able to erase it.

The Heathen Codex that this is a apart of is not a historical or academic resource. This codex and by extension the Irish Folklore entry has been created for storytellers and world builders. These articles are formatted as you might expect for a Lore Masters guide though are based on our hard research. The underpinning research that went into creating this resources is available in our Research sub-section along with links to all relevant sources.

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