Other names for Temair

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This is an endangered historical site

A critically important location since at least the late stone age and through to the early Christian era. While the treatment of the hill of Tara is marred with blind short sighted greed the site is still present ... for now.

Key Points

  • You probably know it better as Tara

  • An important location in lore and history both early and late.

  • Very old site with the oldest visible monument currently present dating from 3,200 BCE (Neolithic era) and with many more works through the bronze and Iron ages.

  • The focal point of a large complex of structures and monuments

Variant Names


Anglicization of the Irish name ... because when you cant say it ... just rename it


"Modern Irish" name also called "Cnoc na Teamhrach" or in anglicized "hill of Tara"


"Old Irish" form of the is believed to be derived from the "Proto-Celtic" Temris


"Proto-Celtic" form believed to mean "sanctuary" or "sacred space" and seen as related to the Greek "temenos" and Latin "templum".


This seems to be the name assigned to the area by Ptolemy in the Roman Geography source as referenced in our sources. Ptolemy didn't seem to annotate this "inland settlement" much or if he did that information has been lost.


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