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The history is not the point of this Codex. These notes exist to help detangle the pseudo-History/lore from the 10th century through modern day from the preceding "indigenous" lore that came before.

By understanding the factual evolution of the island's peoples we might better sort native folklore from the supplanting fiction.

DNA research and archaeological evidence supports the notion of at least 3 major immigration/migration events coming to Ireland. These roughly translate to

  1. Hunter Gathers Probably the first and toward the end of the ice age circa 11,000 BCE

  2. Neolithic Farmers Next and moving up from the south around 6,000 BCE

  3. Bronze Age More similar to the genetics we see now an coming from the east around 5,000 BCE

Each of the three denotes a sudden change in technology and population makeup. That is each of the three are distinctly different populations genetically and bring with them a notable bump in the technologies found. We are currently researching to understand how this archaeological fact may be manifested in the early Irish folklore.


Interesting evidence suggesting a bronze age flow of peoples from the central area of Eurasia to the north and west and tend to be tied into the DNA findings for the bronze age Irish ... that is showing a genetic link with southern Russia and similar. While we are not concerned with the historical aspect this may be useful in detangling the more modern Christian pseudo-history and lore from the pre-existing folklore by looking to the near relations of the people of Ireland and understanding how their folklore evolved over time and how it was modified through Christianization. Many of the more easterly and northerly cultures where not converted until much later and so more indigenous information remains. While these are unique cultures if they are related the general structures and concepts may help us understand what remains of Irish folklore.

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