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No word is arbitrary and most ancient words are more descript than poetic it would seem.

The first use of the name "Celts" comes from a Greek geographer Hecataeus of Miletus in 517 BCE. In that text he is referring to a people living in southern Gaul and to the far west of Europe.

The etymology of Keltoi is unclear; a popular option that is supported by other historical and lore factors is that it is derived from a Celtic word similar to indo-European "kiel". This is supported by the prefix appearing in Celtic names such as Celtillus. The suggested meaning is "people or descendants of the hidden one". This ties into the Gauls claimed descent from an underworld or dead god.

During the Roman Gallic wars Julius Ceasar reported that the Gauls called themselves "Celts" this doesn't mean its a true "Celtic" word but does show that Celts called them selves Celts so the term is at least period for the culture in question.

Are Irish Celtic?

Yes and no. See the "Historical Backdrop" article to get an understanding of Ireland as an Island and a people evolved.

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