Gods and Goddesses

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Like most cultures the gods and goddesses of Ireland are generally less omnipotent being and more tangible. While often depicted age less in one form or another Irish deities like many northern ones are born, age, occasionally get sick and die and can defiantly be killed in fairly mundane ways (poison, weapons, etc.).

Many of the characters identified as gods or goddesses are thought of as having been born, aged and at some point ascended to become more and even to have died in many cases. In other cases a god or goddess might be simply the personification of a higher concept, special area or similar and even in these cases seem to be thought of not as unknowable benevolent or malevolent forces but more often as ancestors from which people may be descended.

This way of seeing ones deities more akin to ancestors is not uncommon, arguably the Abrahamic notion of an omnipotent being is the more unusual take on the topic. You might find it useful to understand the relationship of Japanese Kami to those that follow Shinto or similar surviving nature centric traditions to better understand the relationship of "the people" to the "the deity" and to "nature"

See the Dรฉithe section for a collection of known figures

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