An 11sth century fiction

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This comes from a medieval Christian pseudo-history. Like most supplanting history/lore content it does have relatable elements to the underlying source but is its self a fiction and seemingly constructed to remove and replace what came before. Any reference to the Milesians is a fictional work coming from early Christian monks likely around 800 CE.

These works are viewed simply as an attempt to supplant the native Irish lore and replace it with a more Christian friendly version. This is not an uncommon practice in the middle ages. While the works referencing the Milesians are of there own with little to no merit they do at least give us leads to follow. You will find a number of inconsistencies with these pseudo-histories a result of different authors putting there own spin tinted by the age they write from. These works are thus useful not in the information they give us but in uncovering the source that inspired them and is hinted at by their structure, similarities and contradictions.

Its important to remember that the lore written by these authors was often hostile to the native culture and as a result the source folklore. While this is not always the case we cannot assume that these stores are evolutionary but that they are more often a perversion or out right a hostile means to suppress, remove or at least obscure the native culture and source folklore from relevance.

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