Triple Persona

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A persona often though not always a deity such as a goddess or god which appears in three forms.

This is a fairly common notion that appears more or less everywhere, every take on the notion is a bit different for example (Zeus, Posi den, Hades) are thought of as 3 always separate often antagonistic entities at least to modern story tellers while Diana aka Diva Triformis (three-form goddess) is more often thought of as a single entity with three states or forms.


Among the Celts orders of 3 are very common. The "mother" or "mothers" are a common site on alters and shrines usually represented as 3 figures but can be expressed as 27 (3 * 3 * 3).

In many examples of triple gods and goddesses each individual persona represents a key factor or niche such as (War, Industry, Religion), (Creation, Destruction, Preservation), (Past, Present, Future), etc. The unified character of the 3 persona can be presented as a unique 4th character or simply as a summation of the three if presented singularly at all.

In some cases such as Lugh we get notes such as "Three Headed" while others are noted as having "Three Hearts". Other cultures do similar with figures such as "Diana" have a related name that literally means "Three Form Goddess"

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