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Where similarities are drawn between Tuatha Dรฉ Danann and Norse mythology's pantheon one can draw similar parallels with Fomorians and Jรถtnar Similarly if one compares Tuatha Dรฉ Danann to Olympians from Greco-Roman mythology the Fomorians may be comparable to the Elder gods or titans. Various sources attempt to relate Fomorians to raiders, Vikings or otherwise external antagonist including some references of inter mingling with the Tuatha Dรฉ Danann

References to the Fomorians being more primal or elemental while the Tuatha Dรฉ Danann are referenced as more "evolved" are common In particular though this group represents the "proto" beings as in typically predates others and acts as the antagonist in most cases tot he central subject of a story and so special care will need to be given when researching and detangling stories and information pertaining to them.

Related Character Names

These names are referenced in various sources but not yet researched properly

As with everything various authors have attempted to link these concepts and peoples to Abrahamic lore such as genealogies that link Fomorians to Noah

  • Indech, King of the Fomorians

  • Balor

  • Bagna

  • Bres

  • Cethlenn

  • Cichol Gricenchos

  • Conand

  • Elatha

  • Ethniu

  • Tethra

  • Manannรกn

  • Tuiri Tortbuillech

  • Goll

  • Irgoll

  • Loscenn-lomm

  • Octriallach

  • Omna

  • Regan

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