Those people, or otherwise things with a persona or character found in pre-Christian Irish lore

  • Cรบ Chulainn

    • demi god

    • notable irish hero

  • the Morrigan The bulk of the information on the Morrigan is clearly adulterated in a negative fashion and originates form the 8th century. This would explain some of the discrepancy but lends a lot more support for the middle Irish spelling which translates to "Great Queen" vs the more modern accepted translation referring to a "Terror Queen" or "Phantom Queen" The Source of the derived Morrigan is so far unclear. The common tone of female deities with multiple "aspects" is a common trope. More research into figures like ร‰ire, Banba and Fรณtla may help clarify or redirect the topic. Given the nature of this one we need to first pin down if the Morrigan is even a figure from pre-Christian lore of it is a mash up of multiple female figures. A lot of arm chair scholars draw lines of similarity with Valkyrie, Freja and similar. This seems to be only a surface similarity in that they are all female, associated with battle and have some hand in the selection of those slain in battle. War and Power are generally associated together and Female and choosing in general (fate, selecting the dead, prophecy) are again generally associated concepts in many cultures. I think this is more a common concept among people than it is a link that might aid in discovering more on this character. Later works even seem to replace ร‰riu and or Fรณtla with Morrigan or variations of that spelling. To me this lands more credit to the notion that Morrigan is either a modern mashup or a term modern or otherwise simply meaning in general "high female figure" or more than one of them

  • ร‰riu Name sake of the island or at least one of them according to some sources Banba, Fรณtla and ร‰riu (modern ร‰ire) where all used as names for the land. Hibernia is said to have a relation to the word ร‰riu, if that is the case we should be able to trace that as that is a Roman term and should have some measure of documentation. The word ร‰riu in some sources is traced etymologically to "bounty", "full", "fat" and may be more accurately translated as "Fertile"

  • Banba

  • Fรณtla

  • Dagda

  • Nemain

  • Nรฉit

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