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Your first step is to navigate to we strongly recommend you create a new Steam account to represent you as a publisher or developer separate from any personal account/s you might have. Remember, new Steam accounts start out as "limited" put $5 in your Steam wallet to get around this.
Steamworks has its very own Getting Started guide ... read it and follow it

App ID

If you read the getting started article linked above and followed its instructions you should have already been guided to pay the Steam Direct fee and that will get you your first App ID.

Do I need it to get started?

Technically ... for the very first step ... no. In reality absolutely yes, you cant do anything meaningful with out your own App ID.
You can test some features of Steam API using the test application "Spacewars" whose app Id is 480. This is the app id we use in all of our Steamworks sample scenes and doesn't require you to be even be signed up to use.
Having said that you cant do anything meaningful with the test app, it exists as a teaching tool. To create the stats, achievements, leaderboard, workshop, etc. for your game you will require an App ID and we do recommend you do this as soon as your sure you want to release your game on Steam ... no reason to wait.

Steam API

Once your all set up as a Steam Developer and have your App ID your next step should be to get familiar with the Steam API and what it has to offer. Heathen creates the best in class integration between Unity and Steam API, read more on our Steamworks page.
Steam API is a tremendous value especially for small and indie developers as it is a power set of backend services and is completely free for you to use. We strongly recommend you understand what Steam API can do for your game before you commit your design. The best and most successful games fully exploit Steam's features.
Be sure to read over our Steamworks Guides, these guides serve as troubleshooting and how to guides for Heathen's Steamworks Complete but are also a great way to get to know Steam API and what it can do.
Last modified 3mo ago