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A game development resource for professional, armature, hobbyist and enthusiast game developers. Within you will find articles, guides, and technical documentation to help you on your quest to Do More as a game developer!
Heathen is focused on consumer centric development, this means a high level of technical quality, a required depth of care in the user experience and general design of games and importantly fair, sustainable and ethical monetization practices.
Our focus and lofty goals mean we do a whole lot of research and have develop a lot of very useful technologies, tools, systems, guides and practices. This Knowledge Base is where we share what we have grown with our fellow game developers.
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Getting Started

Not sure where to start? ... try the beginning!
Our getting started guide will help you break into our general guides which them selves cover everything from the core fundamentals to more advanced topics in design, development, testing and more.
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Heathen's Engineering team creates best in class tools and integrations for the Unity game engine. You can find rich and robust documentation and guides for each below.
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