Unity Asset Refund Policy

Unity Assets and the extended refund policy



We have traditionally put forth our best efforts to resolve any issues rather the fault of our assets or not and agreed to all requests for refunds without question. This has however been abused increasingly as we have grown and so we must now set down a predefined policy that will be held strictly.

This policy is intended to ensure a fair and predictable process for handling refunds above and beyond what is required or provided for by Unity Asset Store itself. This is a courtesy extended to all customers in good faith and the interest of customer satisfaction.


As a courtesy and in extension to Unity's terms:

Heathen Group will agree to a refund request within 14 days of purchase where; some condition of your project or the asset itself prevents it from functioning as documented and where that issue could not be resolved by regular support.

This includes conditions that are not in the control of Heathen, such as the architecture of your project, bugs with Unity, or in the case of integrations such as Steamworks bugs with the integrated system. This is a courtesy we are extending to all customers after best efforts in support have been made to resolve such issues.


  • Your project must be on the latest build of the current LTS release, a newer LTS release, or the latest non-beta release of Unity; the link below has more information on these versions. https://unity3d.com/unity/qa/lts-releases At the time of this writing the current legacy LTS is Unity 2020 LTS

  • The issue must be a fault of the asset e.g. limited or hindered functionality as documented for that asset. This does not extend to faults of assets from other publishers.

  • In the case of integrations such as Steamworks, the project must meet the requirements of the supported versions of the integrated platform e.g. Venly Web API, Valve Steam API, etc.

This policy may also be abused and so may be further restricted over time without notice.

If any aspect of Unity's own EULA, terms, or policies contradicts or conflicts with Heathen's policy. Unity's conditions will supersede.

Unity's Terms

You are encouraged to read the articles above from Unity Support, where the policy is noted, and where you can seek additional support if needed. The relevant information is quoted below.

From Unity's above linked articles

You may request a refund from a publisher in the following circumstances:

  • Within 2 weeks of purchase of a license to an Asset Where;

    • the asset was not as advertised (including any demo made available);

    • the asset is not compatible with the most recent official release of Unity and no information was provided at the Unity Asset Store to indicate that the Asset is so incompatible

    • The asset includes unauthorized intellectual property

  • The asset is removed from the Unity Asset Store within 4 weeks of purchase of a license to an asset and where

    • the publisher caused the removal

    • Unity removes the Asset because it is or is alleged to be defective, malicious, infringes intellectual property rights of another person, defames, violates a third party's right of publicity or privacy or does not comply with applicable law


Can I refund if I don't like it


The refund system is not designed to run as a demo system; this falls outside of the refund policy.

Heathen provides "lite" versions of our assets for free that you can download and try out to determine if you are happy with our coding and architecture style.

We provide detailed documentation you can review to determine if the technical capability of the asset meets your requirements.

We also provide assurance that the asset will work with your project, this assurance is backed up by our freely provided support and our general policy to agree to refund requests within 14 days assuming support was unable to resolve issues integrating the asset into your project.

A sale just started, can I refund


Unity controls sales and does not have a price assurance scheme at the time of this writing. You are welcome to send Unity a support request on the subject.

Do understand that some cut-off point has to exist and traditionally that cut-off point is the start of the sale.

I purchased the asset by mistake

In this case if you have not yet downloaded the asset Unity will typically honour the refund request directly, simply contact their support group. Unity may require a confirmation from Heathen, Heathen will always approve a refund of an asset that has not been downloaded and was purchased within 14 days.

If you have downloaded the asset then this unfortunately falls outside the refund policy.

EU 14-day "Cooling Off Period"

The EU stance that any purchase made online or over the phone can be returned within 14 days without justification does not apply to digital goods that have been downloaded or streamed if you agreed to the loss of that right ahead of time.

This can be read in the EU's own FAQ here https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/consumers/shopping/guarantees-returns/faq/index_en.htm

The relevant quote is as follows

If you purchase digital content - such as music or a video online - you cannot withdraw once downloading or streaming has started, if you previously agreed that you would lose your right of withdrawal by starting the performance.

By using the Unity Asset Store you have agreed to wave that right, this agreement is located in the Unity Asset Store legal documentation here https://unity3d.com/legal/as_terms

The relevant quote is as follows

2.9.2 On acceptance of END-USER orders for licenses to Assets, the content will be immediately available for download. END-USERS expressly consent to the making available of that content immediately upon acceptance of orders. If END-USER is a resident of the European Union and purchases any license to any Asset, the right to withdraw from such purchase within 14 days of the date of purchase ("Cooling Off Period") may be available; however, this right of withdrawal will not apply where performance begins before the end of the Cooling Off Period. Therefore, END-USERS expressly agree and understand that if END-USER orders any license to any Asset, END-USERโ€™s right of withdrawal is forfeited upon acceptance as performance begins immediately upon acceptance.

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