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A simple to-do-list every business should should consider in this industry.


Community Management is a core pillar of most industries and especially so in entertainment for which game is a member. Doing community management right is thus absolutely critical. Strong and positive community relationship translates to positive reviews and positive word of mouth which directly translates to higher conversion rate and greater visibility.
Ideally community management would be a core function of your business but in reality most small studios cannot afford the dedicated staff to do this correctly. Selecting a professional community management firm as a partner is often the best choice for small studios, teams and especially solo developers.


Your building a game, your using a PC to do so ... there is zero reason to not release your game on Steam and in our opinion it should be your first and core platform.
We have a whole guide section dedicated to Steam you can find it here. Within that you will find a guide specifically for the Community Hub.
Steam if you where not aware is a major social network, before "social network" was even a buzz word much less an industry. It includes community's, chats, forums, streaming and integrates with so much more. If your game is going to be on PC it should be on Steam and if your game is Steam that should be the root of your community.