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What is Blockchain

A distributed database, this means the database is not house on 1 server rather it is conceptual only and is validated as a log of transactions distributed among users of the chain.

Think Torrent file but as a database vs a download.

The main point of interest in this is that the transactions against the database can and are validated by multiple sources with each transaction. Thus there is no need for a central server or authority to dictate what is or is not valid anyone able to run the maths over the chain can validate. This made the technology initially interesting for the use of currency. Currency transactions are validated by a central authority. That central authority thus has absolute power and can refuse transactions (embargo) or adulterate the economy or any number of other harmful manipulations.

Why people feel that a decentralized validation tool couldn't just as easily be manipulated is a great question. One can absolutely manipulate decentralized systems and we do on a daily bases, in fact its easier as there is no central authority that can react to such an attack. For this reason thefts, scams and other major events against a blockchain really have no true recourse.

What is NFT

A non-Fungible token. So as noted blockchain started its life as an alternative to centralized banking systems. Thus the record in question on this database is a "token" and it is "fungible" meaning it is simply a value such as the number 1, any other entry of 1 is indistinguishable from any other with the same value.

A much more accurate and more commonly used term for this concept is "Non-Serialized" vs "Serialized". This is from inventory management. A "serialized" item is something you can uniquely track each entry of for example computers, cars, appliances, etc. each having a unique serial number. Non-serialized items would be like apples, bananas, towels, etc. the system has no way to identify any 1 element as unique form another.

Interesting note Money is not actually "fungible" in reality though it is in practice That is currency of most denominations such have a serial number and can be tracked as they move through society. Coins less so in most places.



No; trading in cryptocurrency doesn't mean your anonymous actually it makes you far more easily tracked. Every transaction that occurs on the blockchain is recorded in a way that everyone sees. Scraping data from a blockchain is already big business, associating a person to a transaction not only exposes that person but all of their history on that chain. Further NFTs have metadata that can carry additional information this information again is all publicly visible. A blockchain is hard to hack, that is its hard to wrongfully modify its transactions. It however is very simple for everyone to read every aspect of so you absolutely are not hidden.

Security though obscurity alone is no security at all!

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