๐Ÿ˜กPremium Currency

Ya but why?

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Predatory practice when used in monetization

Having the player purchase a premium currency that they can use in game is not in and of its self a predatory practice. Having said that it typically is used to obscure the price of things, force users to spend just a bit more than they need or give them an insignificant amount encouraging them to buy more.

The best approach is to simply let your players buy what they want, directly without any additional steps or layers of obscurity intended or otherwise.

Anti gold farming

Premium currency can act as a means to discourage "gold farming". The problem with this argument is that you should be avoiding "real value" in your game; gold farming should be a non-issue.

The issue is that by adding premium currency you do create the possibility to whale. You can work to place limits on this but that reintroduces a market for gold farmers. The proper fix to gold farming is to remove the grind from your game that makes your players want to spend money to avoid playing ๐Ÿ˜‰

Its rarely so simple but the point stands. Premium currency as an anti-gold farming tactic is simply trading one problem for another.

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