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This is how you will become aware of errors and system events and for most games will include some means of automatic reporting.

Always ask your user before you turn on any automatic reporting. Even if that user's region doesn't require data compliancy its still polite. PS even if your region has no such laws, you are subject to the laws of the consumer's region not yours ... its "consumer protection" not "provider punishment" the scope of context is the consumer not you... so yes you as a US company / individual are liable for GDPR compliance with regards to EU citizens. The safe option is to simply do the right thing and ask before you do.

Rather you choose to go with an automatic or manual reporting solution Heathen's UX Complete has tools that can greatly simplify and enrich all of this for you. If your a GitHub Sponsor you already own UX Complete, if your not you can become one for just $10.

Unity User Reporting

Did you know Unity cloud services includes a flexible and easy to use User Reporting service? This service is well suited to gathering end user feedback and bug reports and can be easily integrated with the Advanced Log and Screenshot interfaces.

Even if you use Unity's reporting services as your backend solution Heathen's UX Complete has a rich log feature with JSON based formatting and superior data collection when compared to Unity's default logging capabilities and can work with Unity's User Reporting.

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