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This article is a collection of common tips and tactics and references to further information we have gathered on each. These are all common concepts one will run across when researching game marketing, we are not supporting, endorsing or in any way suggesting you do or don't use these. This article is for informational purposes and commentary.

Dev Talk

The idea is to publish a blog, periodic stream or other info dump from your dev team for your community. This honestly fits better as a part of the Community topic but its so often suggested we wanted to point it out here as well.

This is one we have done many times and have an amateurs opinion on:

  • Don't publish this to early a mistake AAA, AA and indie are all quite famous for making. In our humble opinion this works best post release or at most just before release. Showing your work as you go seems to us to cause more harm than it does good.


A common marketing tool, the idea is simple offer free content, or even free keys to the game to drum up interest and spread awareness. For games this works best when you have DLC or skins or some other game content that you can offer free. Even if your game is a stand alone it can still be an effective way to drive awareness about your game to offer a few free keys as part of an event or larger marketing campaign.

Free Weekends (or other period)

Steam made this popular and it can be highly effective. The idea is that you make your paid content freely available to anyone who would like to try it for a finite period of time.

This is most common with Steam based games but can be done with any platform that has a capable account management system.

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