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The articles within are specific to Unity and include the engine specific tools and systems unique to the Unity version of the package.

Engine Features

Content Builder

Added in version 3.2 the Content Builder helps you compile and upload your game to Steam right from the Unity Editor. You can learn more about this tool in the Uploading to Steam article.

Debugging Tools

The Steamworks Inspector is in in editor tool that exposes every Steam artifact you have configured and linked to Steam Settings and lets you observe the current state and even change those states while debugging and testing. You can learn more in the Debugging Tools article.

Steam Initialization

In Unity you have a choice in how and when you initialize the Steam API. From a simple code free drag and drop solution or perhaps you prefer greater control for a pure code solution. Either way you can learn more in our Getting Started section.

Code Free Solutions

Unity prefabs and component scripts enable us to create production ready drag and drop tools that simply work. From UI tools like the Quick Match Lobby or manager tools like Overlay Manager we have a wide selection of battle hardened tools to accelerate your game.

Sample Scenes

Our sample scenes do more than demonstrate features, they excessive every major feature of the Steam API and server as both a learning tool and testing tool. You can browser the collection of Samples Scenes or read over our Testing article to learn more.