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Sample Scenes

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Steamworks Complete comes with a number of samples scenes that demonstrate common functionality.
These example scenes are designed to work with App 480 (Spacewars) and may not work as expected with your app ID without making changes to configuration and or example code.
Sample scripts are samples and not fit for production use. For this reason we mark all sample scripts as "Obsolete" such that they have a big warning in editor that they are not for production use. Sample scripts no matter who creates them are created to be verbose and instruct new programmers and developers on the use of a given tool or technology. They are not an example of efficient practical use no matter what the author may say as they are not designed for you specific project, team, code style, etc.. You should ALWAYS treat sample code as a sample that you learn from and use to write your own working, practical ,efficient and appropriate for your project version.

Where are they?

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As a GitHub Sponsor you will have installed Steamworks Complete via the Unity Package Manager
You can simply select Steamworks Complete in the Unity Package Manager expand the "Samples" drop down and then import the Example Scenes ... this is also where you will find the uGUI Tools
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