Set User Name

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A simple component meant to be attached to a UnityEngine.UI.RawImage
This can update the text with the indicated user's name and can optionally pull the local user's data on start up.
This will update as the linked user changes there name ... that is if the tracked user edits there name this will update accordingly.


This componenet has 2 variations one for each of Unity's text lables ... additonal variants will be added as Unity contentinues to add more UI frameworks.
public class TMProSetUserName : MonoBehaviour;
public class UGUISetUserName : MonoBehaviour

Fields and Attributes


public bool useLocalUser
This can only be set in the Unity Editor and will be false for run time created componenets or if not set.
This causes the componenet to grab the local user's ID on startup.


public bool ShowNickname { get; set; }
Should the tool show the user's nickname if any or should it always show the Steam User Name.


public UserData UserData { get; set; }
This returns the UserData that this componenet is currently tracking. Setting this will cause this componenet to track the user you set to it and is the same as calling LoadAvatar;


Set Name

public void SetName(UserData user);
public void SetName(CSteamID user);
public void SetName(ulong user);
Set the indicated user's name.