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From 0 to Infinity and beyond 🚀
Ad Hoc means we tailor our services to your needs, this means pricing is also tailored.
The best way to get a price is to reach out to us and start a conversation. You can DM Loden | Heathen Engineering on Discord or email us at [email protected]
This depends on your needs, there are cases where your needs align with our development efforts or other works and thus the cost will be minimal.
On the far other end of that spectrum we also provide a full range of professional services. These are tailored to your needs and can include but are not limited to: exclusivity, IP ownership transfer, service level agreement, maintenance plans, training and on going support, managed services and much more.
In short there are many ways we can engage so we very likely have a solution that can meet your budgetary needs. Reach out over email or DM on Discord and lets see how we can help you Do More!