It's dangerous to go alone ... take this ⚔️
Modern game development demands are often beyond the scope and scale that a single studio or team can manage. The two main solutions to deal with that reality are to "staff up" or "partner up". Each method has its strengths and weaknesses and the right answer for your business, team and project will differ from others.
We can help you explore and select the strategy that works best for your business, team and project and then help you execute on that strategy. Our solutions are always tailored to the client and can be as light touch or as full service as suits your needs and budget.



Leverage our decades of experience working for Microsoft Gold Partners and major technology firms around the world. With successful projects delivered to major corporations as well as government agencies our team is well versed in application, system and project lifecycle and its nuances across multiple industries and scales of operation. Rather its a solo developer creating a passion project or a major corporate of government organization we have the experience and skill to enable you to Do More! We know how to bring technologies and professionals together to get the job done, reach out and Do More today.


From Unity version 3 to the first wave of assets on the Unity Asset Store. We have been users and supporters of Unity 3D and its community for around a decade 🤪 . While Unity wasn't our first engine and isn't the only game engine in our toolbox, it is our primary area of focus as a company and our weapon of choice for game and rich multimedia applications.
Heathen is a strong believer that game technology and in particular Unity 3D can deliver significant value not just to the game industry but beyond. We have participated in a few non-game related uses of the engine and are keen to see and contribute to more.
More than just avid users and publishers of fine assets Heathen is also here to support our fellow game developers and asset developers. With multiple open source frameworks and articles meant to help you do more with Unity … and Heathen as well 😉


We develop Heathen's Steamworks; the best way to integrate Steam with your Unity project.
Our community of a 1000+ developers are largely Steam developers and our technology powers dozens of great games on Steam. Heathen invests heavily in the Steam API and in particular the technologies and communities built up around it. From tools, to consulting and development Heathen can help you Do More!


Not sure?
Need to research a bit first? Checkout our guides section where we cover everything form getting started as a game developer to specific topics like monetization and marketing. We have created and manage a community of indie and small studio developers that can help you find your feet. Join our Discord and join a supportive community of passionate and talented developers.


Sometimes you just need a bit of guidance. We can meeting with you to understand your organization, its goals and aspirations and point you in the right direction to help you define your own strategy for success. You can engage us further to guide you through researching and selecting tools, solutions and partners that will enable you to deliver on your chosen plan.


From training and support to bespoke software development, our internal team can be leveraged directly on a wide range of tasks. Our specialities revolve around general Software Engineering, Unity, Steam API and Managed Services.

Managed Services

We have significant experience reviewing, selecting and managing professional services for clients across many industries. This means we are well experienced in taking your requirements and finding the right tools, solutions and partners to deliver on them, then managing those resources to insure requirements are meet on time and on budget.
No matter your needs or budget we feel we can bring real value to you and your project and enable you to Do More!

Sourcing Solutions

Sourcing partners and contractors to handle aspects of your business or project can be a great solution for many indie and small studios. This lets you keep your internal team focused on the aspects of your business and project that are really important to you and leave the rest to seasoned professionals that have a passion for those other areas.
While a great solution to internal gaps the prospect of identifying and selecting trusted partners to fill your requirements can be daunting. This is where we come in, engage us at the level that suits you. From research and on demand advise to full end to end professional service management.
Here are some common areas of interest for indie and small developers
  • Community Management
  • Localization
  • Marketing
  • Programming / Software Development
  • Support
  • Testing
  • Visual Art