Mesh Tools

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public static class MeshTools

Found in namespace:

using HeathenEngineering.UnityPhysics.API;

We recommend using aliases to reduce typing and simplify names. and reduce possible collisions with similarly named objects.

using API = HeathenEngineering.UnityPhysics.API;

doing this you can fully qualify the name of this class as


What can it do?

Mesh tools is used to create convex hulls, calculate the volume of a mesh, find surface area and various other geometry functions handy when your working on physics problems.

Convex Hull

The most common use of mesh tools is to create a convex hull. You can get a convex hull for a single mesh, multiple mesh or for any collection of points in space.

var mesh = MeshTools.ConvexHull(meshfilters);
var mesh = MeshTools.ConvexHull(meshes);
var mesh = MeshTools.ConvexHull(vertexList);

Mesh Volume

You can find the volume of a mesh, or find the convex hull of a mesh then find the volume of that

var volume = MeshTools.VolumeOfConvexMesh(mesh, scale);


var volume = MeshTools.VolumeOfMesh(mesh, scale);

Surface Area

Whole Mesh

var surface = MeshTools.SurfaceArea(mesh);

Cross Section area

var surface = MeshTools.FacingSurfaceArea(mesh, direction);

Area and Volume

A quick short cut to do both

MeshTools.GetAreaAndVolume(mesh, scale, out surface, out volume);

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