Buoyant Body

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Used with the Surface Tool component to simulate the effect of buoyancy on a rigidbody.

Fields and Attributes

Buoyancy Magnitude

Effectively the gravity applied to the buoyant body, the force of buoyancy is the inverse of this value multiplied by the volume of the subject which is submerged below the surface.

Active Surface

A reference to the active Surface Tool this is used to find the surface level and density of the environment the subject is floating in.

Calculation Mode

The CalculationMode to use when simulating the upward force.

  • Fast A basic bounding volume based calculation

  • Simple Same as fast but adds an additional calculation to self right the floating subject

  • Complex Uses the Physics Data hull and volume information to simulate buoyant force per vertex

Submerged Ratio

The percentage of the attached Physics Data that is submerged under the active surface tool and thus applying a buoyant force.

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