2 Verlet Spring Skinned Mesh

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This scene demonstrates the use of Verlet Spring with a skinned mesh object. In this case we have 1 Verlet Spring managing "bones" in 2 different skinned meshes (body and hair). The hair is in addition simulating collision with colliders attached to key parts of the body.

Each hierarchy in the Verlet Spring has its own configuration set by reference to Verlet Hierarchy Settings objects.

What do I Learn?

  1. Using Verlet Spring as a "Dynamic Bone" aka "Physics Bone" (skinned mesh)

  2. Setting up Verlet Spring components with referenced configuraiton

  3. Verlet Spring collision simulation



This object implements the Verlet Spring which has configured 5 hierarchies representing the left and right breast, hair and left and right glute.

Colliders have been attached to key points within the bodies transforms to allow the hair to collide with it. Each hierarchy has a configuration referenced to it according to its use and all are simulated in a single update insuring accurate interaction.

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