DLC Data

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public struct DlcData : IEquatable<AppId_t>,
Wraps the concept of a DLC in a simple struct. This struct is implicitly convertible to and from uint, AppData and the native Steam API type of AppId_t

Fields and Attributes


public AppId_t AppId => get;
Returns the native Steam API type AppId_t for this DLC object


public bool Available => get;
Returns true if the DLC is available to the user, false otherwise


public bool Name => get;
Returns the localized name of the DLC for the user if any otherwise returns the default name

Is Subscribed

public bool IsSubscribed => get;
Returns true if the user is subscribed to this DLC ... that is does this user own or otherwise currently have access to this DLC.

Is Installed

public bool IsInstalled => get;
Returns true if the user has installed this DLC ...
note that most modern DLC do not have anything to install, typically in a modern game the "main" game contains all content and DLC ownership simply acts as an unlock. This is particularly important for multiplayer games where the content is required in order for players to play together.

Install Directory

public DirectoryInfo InstallDirectory => get;
The directory information if any, if the DLC is installed, this can be null.

Download Progress

public float DownloadProgress => get;
Returns a value from 0 to 1 indicating the download progress of the DLC if downloading is relivent.

Earliest Purchase Time

public DateTime EarliestPurchaseTime => get;
Note it may be possible for the user to have access to the DLC without having purchased, such as free weekened, barrowing from from friends and family, etc. If this date is older than the release of your game such as the 1st of January 1970 then the DLC has not been purchased.



public void Install()
Request the DLC be installed, this is a request and may be refused, Valve does not give feedback either way.


public void Uninstall()
Requests the DLC be uninstalled, this is a request and may be refused, Valve does not give feedback either way.

Open Store

public void OpenStore(EOverlayToStoreFlag flag = EOverlayToStoreFlag.k_EOverlayToStoreFlag_None)
Opens the Steam overlay to the DLC item's store page. The flag is optional, please see the EOverlayToStoreFlag options here.


There are several static get methods that can be used to return a DlcData object based on various IDs
public static DlcData Get(uint appId)
public static DlcData Get(AppId_t appId)
public static DlcData Get(AppData appData)