Ogma is a figure associated with Dag Dia.

This figure appears to be a proto-Celtic and Celtic figure known to the Gaul as Ogmios and written about by the Romans. Its from these Celtic sources that we get interesting details about Ogma.

With regards to Irish sources it would appear that Ogma is typically slandered as "Cermait" the honey mouthed and is noted only as sleeping with Lugh's wife or one of them and being killed for it ... and then later resurrected by "The Dagda" aka Dag Dia

In both Irish medieval works and 1st century BCE annotations from the Romans we can gather that Ogma or Ogmios is character of inspiration, literature and power. The Romans likened him to the Greek Hero Heracles for his strength and general appearance noting he was older and darker.

It is noted that wisdom is associated with age and that dark skinned beings are associated with power, Ogma has both traits.

The description also notes thin long chains of previous metal extending from his tongue to the ears of men. This is understood to symbolize Ogmas power of persuasion/inspiration, that is when he speaks men want to follow him e.g. very charismatic.

From the Celtic point of view Ogma is also identified as a "binding" and "psychopomps" deity ... that is Ogma is a guide for the recently deceased providing safe passage to the underworld and can inspire or bind men to follow him.

Two defixiones from Austria related to Ogmios are often pointed to as relating the figure with the Greek Hermes who was also a psychopomps and a figure associated with literature.


The University of Wales proto-Celtic lexicon suggests the name is derived from ptoto-celtic Ogmjos and is a word related to "furrow" and having the semantic connotations of "The Imprinting One, The Impressive One"

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