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Steam Deck

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Steam Desk is a handheld Linux PC running (by default) Steam OS and designed with Steam's "Big Picture" in mind. More than just a handheld Steam machine the Steam Deck product includes services that deal with verifying that games run well "On Deck".

Quick Start

To get your project working on deck the only thing you **need** to do is ensure you have full controller support and that your game does not use a launcher.
Steam Deck is not a special use case it is simply a Linux machine with no keyboard or mouse but does have a controller present. You can use native Unity Input to handle controller support or if you prefer Steam Input is an option though not required.

Debugging with Unity

From Valve Documentation: Updating and downloading builds from Steam is not a great way to iterate, so we’ve created some software to help with this. That said, to use this software you will need to have a Linux test machine that’s separate from your dev PC. What we’ve made available is the SteamOS Dev Kit Client and SteamOS Dev Kit Service. These tools are now free to download on Steam. With these tools you’ll be able to upload builds, grab logs and traces, debug your build, and overall iterate much quicker than trying to work entirely through the SteamPipe. All you'll need to do is download the SteamOS Dev Kit Client to your development PC, download the SteamOS Dev-Kit Service to your Linux box, start them both up, and connect your PC to your Linux box. You can find links to download and learn how to use these tools here.

Unity Profiler

Tips contributed by the Heathen Development Community.
Connect the Unity Profiler via LAN. To do so in your build settings select and toggle on the Development Build and Autoconnect Profiler options.
In your profiler use the Attach to Player drop down and enter the IP Address of your Steam Deck