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User Information

Understanding players, friends and community


Did you know?

Steam is a social network and has been since well before Facebook or Twitter were a thing.
Like any social network, it has a selection of tools that deal with a person's status, enables various interactions between people and enables users to share all manner of information with each other.


Millions of players use the Steam Community each day to browse and create content with their friends. There are many features that your team can utilize to make it easier for these players to enjoy your community, while simultaneously promoting your product.
Every Steam App (Game, tool, etc) has a Community Hub, user's can also create Groups (aka Clans) and all of this can be leveraged to make not just your game but your whole experience richer and more diverse.

User Data

Avatar, Name, Nickname, Level, Game Status, every user has a defined set of information that identifies them on the network and to their friends and acquaintances. This information is typically seen in a friends list, on leaderboards, on lobby member lists and anywhere else you might see a Steam user.
An extension to the concept of User Data, Rich Presence lets games and apps add additional information to a user's profile. This information can be used to notify friends of detailed gameplay state ... e.g. in a match, waiting, winning or losing, what class they are playing and much more.