Friend List

List your user friends, open chats, send invites and much more!

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You can list friends, contacts, groups and other collections of Steam users and user groups using the Friends API or our uGUI Tools for Steam.
Its possible to filter these lists by the type of friend on query from Steam and then in your game's logic you can further filter these lists based on users in game, or not in game, online or offline, etc.


Also know as Clans; Steam's concept of a group or clan or guild is simply a collect of "friends" that is Steam Users. We have split the Groups / Clans system our from Friends in its own set of APIs and tools.

Friend Chat

It is possible to chat with specific friends in game though this is not typical. To get started you would need to enable the Listen for Friend Messages feature in the Friend API. Once this is enabled the EventGameConnectedFriendChatMsg event will be raised when receiving a message from a friend. You can also Send Messages to friends either via the User Data object or the Friend API.