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Steam API Key

How to find and use the Publisher Steam API Key

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If your planning on working with Steam Web API such as through PlayFab or really any other mechanism you will need to generate a "Publisher Steam API Key"
To do this first navigate to your Steam Developer Portal and select the Manage Groups option under the Users & Permissions menu
Manage user groups
The Users & Permissions panel
From here you should create a new group which we will associate the key with, this is how we control what apps the key is associated with.
Create a new group
Creating a new group
Select the group and in the group page you will see an option on the right side of the screen to create a Web API Key
Create the Web API key
Creating the web API key
Once created you view the key directly below that Edit Group menu and of course can revoke the key should it no longer be needed or be compromised. The "Manage Web API Key" option lets you white list specific IP addresses though this can be left blank and typically would be for uses like PlayFab.
Manage the API key
Managing the key