What is Heathen

Heathen what?
Heathen Engineering is a brand within Heathen that specializes in software engineering, creating tools and solutions for the rest of Heathen and our fellow developers.


Author of all the systems, tools, integrations, examples and most of the guides you will find here in. Heathen Engineering is a software engineering team creating best in class technologies and tools to help us and you Do More!
With a strong focus on good engineering practice and user experience Heathen Engineering creates tools and integrations for Unity and Godot designed and implemented in a layered approach providing value to all levels of your project.

Delivering Value to your Project

Rather your a hobbyist creating fun games for you and your friends or a professional software engineer delivering critical features and functionality for your project. Heathen Engineering's layered approach lets you work with battle tested and game developer approved tools when and where you want and need them.
  • Low level APIs, interfaces and abstract classes Empower your engineering team to create bespoke implementations
  • Mid level objects, structs and tools Accelerate your programming and scripting with easy to use and efficient models
  • High level components and behaviours Use with little or no coding required at all allowing for design and prototype and even implementation of common production ready features with a simple drag and drop.