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Provides for initialization and registration of a Steam Game Server configuraiton.

Fields and Attributes


Returns the ID issued to the Steam Game Server on initalization.
public static CSteamID ID => get;


Indicates rather or not the server is logged on
public static bool LoggedOn => get;


Defines the configuration of the server, this will be set by the Initialize method
public static SteamGameServerConfiguraiton Configuraiton => get;


This is a global field located on API.App.Initialized and indicates rather or not the system is initialized.
This is *Not* located in the API.App.Server class rather its in the parent API.App class so to access it
;//Yes it is initalized
;//No it is not
public static bool API.App.Initalized => get;



Initializes the Steam API for client processing. If your using SteamSettings or SteamworksBehaviour this is done for you. You should only call this if you are not using SteamSettings.Initialize or the SteamworksBehaviour.
If used you will need to provide a Steam Game Server Configuration, this can be write and read from a JSON formatted file or set up as a structure and passed in.
public static Initialize(AppData appId, SteamGameServerConfiguration config);


Logs the initialized server API on to the steam backend. If your Steam Game Server Settings is configured for auto logon this will be called for you once the API is initialized.
public static void LogOn()

Send Updated Server Details To Steam

Updates the server details based on the active configuration. This is called for you when the server first connects.
public static void SendUpdatedServerDetailsToSteam()
Last modified 7mo ago