Access the Steam Clan aka Steam Group system with Heathen's Steam API

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using ClansClient = HeathenEngineering.SteamworksIntegration.API.Clans.Client;
public static class Clans.Client
This leverages features of ISteamFriends, ISteamUser and ISteamUGC to simplify working with Steam "clans" aka "groups" aka "guilds" ... known by a lot of names but these are the "communities" you see in Steam which can have chats, news, etc.

What is a clan?

Also known as a Community Group, Steam lets user's create there own social groups, these could be groups of active players similar to a guild in an MMO or simply an interest group e.g. a collection of Steam users with similar interests. You can search the existing community groups here:
Steam Community :: Search
Search For Community Groups

What can it do?

You can list the clan owner, its officers, open the clan chat in overlay or join the clan's chat in game. The most common use game developers look for and the most complex is to join the clan chat in game.



public static GameConnectedClanChatMsgEvent EventChatMessageRecieved
Called when a chat message has been received in a Steam group chat that we are in.
Its generally easier to use the Clan Chat Director than to manually listen on this event.
The handler for this event should look like this
public void HandleEvent(ClanChatMsg arg)
//Do Work
You can learn more about ClanChatMsg in its article.


public static GameConnectedChatJoinEvent EventGameConnectedChatJoin
Called when a user has joined a Steam group chat that the we are in.
The handler for this event should look like this
public void HandleEvent(ChatRoom room, CSteamID user)
//Do Work


public static GameConnectedChatLeaveEvent EventGameConnectedChatLeave
Called when a user leaves a Steam group that we are in
The handler for this event should look like this
public void HandleEvent(UserLeaveData arg)
//Do Work

Fields and Attributes


public static ChatRoom[] JoinedChatRooms = get;
This is provided for debugging purposes and generally shouldn't be used



public static void JoinChatRoom(CSteamID clanId,
Action<ChatRoom, bool> callback)
Joins the chat for a target clan
The callback for this method should look like this
public void HandleCallback(ChatRoom room, bool IOError)
//Do Work


public static void LeaveChatRoom(CSteamID clanChatId)
public static void LeaveChatRoom(ChatRoom clanChat)
Leaves a specific chat room


public static CSteamID GetChatMemberByIndex(CSteamID clan, int index)
Gets the Steam ID at the given index in a Steam group chat.


public static bool GetActivityCounts(CSteamID clan,
out int online,
out int inGame,
out int chatting)
Gets the most recent information we have about what the users in a Steam Group are doing.
  • clan The group to get the activity for
  • online The number of members that are online
  • inGame The number of members that are in game
  • chatting The number of members that are in the chat group


public static Clan GetClanByIndex(int clanIndex)
Gets the Steam group's Steam ID at the given index. Get the number of clans using the GetClanCount method.
Its generally simpler to just call GetClans() and return the whole array at once


public static Clan[] GetClans()
Get the list of clans the current user is a member of


public static int GetChatMemberCount(CSteamID clanId)
Get the number of users in a Steam group chat.


public static UserData[] GetChatMembers(CSteamID clanId)
Returns a list of the members of the given clans chat
Get the number of users in a Steam group chat. This is used for iteration, after calling this then GetChatMemberByIndex can be used to get the Steam ID of each person in the chat.
Large steam groups cannot be iterated by the local user.


public static string GetChatMessage(ChatRoom clanChat,
int index,
out EChatEntryType type,
out CSteamID chatter)
You generally do not need to call this if your using the EventChatMessageReceievd or the ClanChatDirector.
This gets the data regarding a specific chat message in given clan chat room.
  • clanChat The ID of the group chat room to read
  • index The index of the message, this should be the m_iMessageID fireld of the callback if your using the raw API
  • type The type of chat entry that was received
  • chatter The ID of the user that caused the message


public static int GetClanCount()
Gets the number of Steam groups that the current user is a member of.


public static string GetName(Clan clanId)
Gets the display name for the specified Steam group; if the local client knows about it.


public static UserData GetOfficerByIndex(Clan clanId, int officerIndex)
Gets the Steam ID of the officer at the given index in a Steam group.


public static UserData[] GetOfficers(Clan clanId)
Gets the list of officers for the given clan.


public static int GetOfficerCount(Clan clanId)
Gets the number of officers (administrators and moderators) in a specified Steam group. This also includes the owner of the Steam group. This is used for iteration, after calling this then GetClanOfficerByIndex can be used to get the Steam ID of each officer.


public static CSteamID GetOwner(Clan clanId)
Gets the owner of a Steam Group.


public static string GetTag(Clan clanId)
Gets the unique tag (abbreviation) for the specified Steam group; If the local client knows about it. The Steam group abbreviation is a unique way for people to identify the group and is limited to 12 characters.In some games this will appear next to the name of group members.


public static bool OpenChatWindowInSteam(CSteamID clanChatRoomId)
public static bool OpenChatWindowInSteam(ChatRoom clanChat)
Opens the specified Steam group chat room in the Steam UI.


public static bool SendChatMessage(CSteamID clanChatId, string message)
public static bool SendChatMessage(ChatRoom clanChat, string message)
Sends a message to a Steam group chat room.


public static bool IsClanChatAdmin(CSteamID clanChatId, CSteamID userId)
public static bool IsClanChatAdmin(ChatRoom clanChat, CSteamID userId)
Is the indicated user a admin for this clan chat


public static bool IsClanPublic(Clan clanId)


public static bool IsClanOfficialGameGroup(CSteamID clanId)
Checks if the Steam group is an official game group/community hub.


public static bool IsClanChatWindowOpenInSteam(CSteamID clanChatId)
Checks if the Steam Group chat room is open in the Steam UI.


public static void RequestClanOfficerList(CSteamID clanId,
Action<ClanOfficerListResponse_t, bool> callback)


public static bool CloseClanChatWindowInSteam(CSteamID clanChatId)
public static bool CloseClanChatWindowInSteam(ChatRoom clanChat)
Closes the specified Steam group chat room in the Steam UI.


public static void DownloadClanActivityCounts(CSteamID[] clans,
Action<DownloadClanActivityCountsResult_t, bool> callback)
Refresh the Steam Group activity data or get the data from groups other than one that the current user is a member.

How To

Create a Clan / Group

This cannot be done from within the Steam API at current you can however direct your player's to the appropriate location in Steam to create there own clans.
The above URL can be passed into the Steam Overlay

Get Clans / Groups

Return an array of the clans the user is a member of
Clan[] clans = API.Clans.Client.GetClans();
The Clan object contains various helpful members such as Clan.Name, ClanOwner, Clan.JoinChat and more.

List Clan officers

Using the Clan object
UserData[] officers = clan.Officers