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using API = HeathenEngineering.SteamworksIntegration.API;
public static class API.Overlay
The whole of the overlay system is only accessible from the Client API as a result you will always be using the form:

What can it do?

The overlay interface provides simplified access to Steam's overlay features. The Steam Overlay can be used to show web pages, access friends lists, clans,


Event Game Overlay Activated

Called when the overlay activates or deactivates.
public static GameOverlayActivatedEvent EventGameOverlayActivated;
Handler takes the form of
void HandleEvent(bool activated)
//Do Work

Event Game Server Change Requested

Called when the user tries to join a different game server from there friends list while the game is running.
public static GameServerChangeRequestedEvent EventGameServerChangeRequested;
Handler takes the form of
void HandleEvent(string server, string password)
//Do Work

Event Game Lobby Join Requested

Called when the user tries to join a lobby from there friends list or from an invite while the game is running.
public static GameLobbyJoinRequestedEvent EventGameLobbyJoinRequested;
Handler takes the form of
void HandleEvent(LobbyData lobby, UserData friend)
//Do Work

Event Game Rich Presence Join Requested

Called when the user tries to join a game from their friends list or after a user accepts an invite by a friend with userData.InviteToGame(connectString); or API.Friends.Client.InviteUserToGame(user, connectString);.
This callback is made when joining a game. If the user is attempting to join a lobby, then the callback Game Lobby Join Requested will be made.
public static GameRichPresenceJoinRequestedEvent EventGameRichPresenceJoinRequested;
Handler takes the form of
void HandleEvent(UseerData friend, string connectionString)
//Do Work

Fields and Attributes

Is Enabled

True if the overlay feature is enabled for this user on this app
public static bool IsEnabled => get;

Is Showing

True if the overlay is currently open
public static bool IsShowing => get;

Notification Position

Can be set to adjust where the notificaiton position anchors from
public static ENotificationPosition NotificationPosition { get; set; }

Notification Inset

Offset from the position anchor
public static Vector2Int NotificationInset { get; set; }



Open the overlay to the indicated target
//Open to a specific Steam dialog by name
public static void Activate(string dialog);
//Open to a specific Steam dialog by enum
public static void Activate(OverlayDialog dialog);
//Opens the overlay to an indicated app with the indicated "flags"
public static void Activate(AppData appID, EOverlayToStoreFlag flag);
//Opens the overlay to a specific dialog by name with context
public static void Activate(string dialog, CSteamID steamId);
//Opens the overlay to a specific dialog by enum with context
public static void Activate(FriendDialog dialog, CSteamID steamId)

Activate Invite Dialog

Opens the invite dialog
//Invites will be regarding this lobby
public static void ActivateInviteDialog(LobbyData lobbyId);
//Invites will be regarding this connection string
public static void ActivateInviteDialog(string connectionString);

Activate Remote Play Invite Dialog

Opens the remote play invite dialog with respect to a given lobby
public static void ActivateRemotePlayInviteDialog(LobbyData lobbyId);

Activate Web Page

Opens the overlay to a given web page
public static void ActivateWebPage(string url);

How To

Enabled and showing

You can check if the Overlay is enabled ... that is ... is the overlay feature turned on for this app for this user.
Debug.Log("yes it is");
Debug.Log("no it is not");
To check if the overlay is currently open you can use
Debug.Log("yes it is");
Debug.Log("no it is not");

Notification positioning

The notification pop up that shows when a user unlocks and achievement or when friends join or leave games can be configured to show in different areas of the screen.
API.Overlay.Client.NotificationPosition =
API.Overlay.Client.NotificationInset = new Vector2Int(0,0);

Activate the overlay

You can activate the overlay in a number of ways.

To a given dialog


To the lobby invite screen


To a game connection


To remote play


To an app store page

API.Overlay.Client.Activate(appId, flag);

To a user dialog

API.Overlay.Client.Activate(dialog, user);

To a web page